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Maximi Compact

Designed to be rugged and robust - the steel frame will last a lifetime as its not susceptible to rot like the wooden frames from competing caravans in its class - and yet, its engineered to be as light as a feather...the entire dry weight is a mere 850Kg.

Special care was also taken to ensure the caravan will fit through virtually any standard garage door, whilst still maintaining maximum functionality, and ensure minimum setup time.
The unit features a luxurious and spacious interior, with ample storage space, and a standard double bed, with a multi-layered foam matrass to ensure comfort.
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Design Registration #A2012/00831

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Optional Extras

  Living space

Optional living-space extensions can includes the tent sides and front (with two doors), a groundsheet, and awning extension for the tent.


Optional Kitchen equipment available are a Defy 20Lt Microwave oven, a National Luna Fridge/Freezer (72Lt Double Door, or 90Lt single door), an Alva Amacooka plus cooker tops, and an additional 5Kg LP gas bottle + bracket.


Optional Comfort items available are a fold-up table, double step ladder (to assist shorter people in attaching the tent to the roof top), additional zipper openings on all window openings (1x standard), or a built in air-conditioner...for those extra hot summer days in the Kgalagadi.
* Please note that the air-conditioner cannot be fitted afterwards and must be ordered with your new caravan!


Optional items includes the 20m extension cord, Jerrycan brackets and/or jerrycans, and a water tank, pump and 5.5Lt gas geyser.


Two standard ammo boxes fits into the standard storage space (not supplied with standard option). Optional grocery storage available next to the kitchen (only for standard unit without aircon)


For the serious adventurer - Optionally - shock absorbers are now available for our rubber torsion axles. This will ensure a smoother ride, and minimise wear when going offroad.
* Please note that this cannot be fitted afterwards, and must be ordered with the new caravan!

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